African Hospitality Network: Connecting Dots & Empowering Africa’s Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The African Hospitality Network is a platform that connects active players in the hospitality and tourism industry across Africa and beyond.

For a very long time, the travel and tour sector has been starving from the lack of adequate information needed to allow entrepreneurs and businesses to make concrete decisions on strategies that will benefit their respective organisations.

At African Hospitality Network we believe in creating a platform that gives information on the available investment avenues in the African Hospitality and tourism sector. One of the ways we do this is by adopting the network approach method.

This approach enables us to connect private and public sector organisations to create avenues for collaborative working and directs firms to be able to focus their funding and investments on areas of interest within the travel, and tour/hospitality sectors.

We also connect the professionals playing at the forefront of the new generation to increase their capacity to handle organizational objectives, both in the hospitality industry and in business as a whole.

We promote capacity building and networking by also organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, and trainings for all our members to enhance their knowledge base of the industry.

Further, we create opportunities for investors by organizing exchange programs between African countries for stakeholders and other professionals to make available business opportunities within the hospitality, Tourism, and travel industries to be able to invest.

The AHN vision is:

: To network and bring together all activists, professionals, students, and stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry across Africa and beyond.

The AHN’s mission is to:
: Support the local and regional hospitality and tourism industry to enable them to be more effective in information sharing, customer service, and career development.


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