Stop looking down on Customers

Stop Looking Down On Customers

Stop looking down on customers by using the number of products a customer or client is purchasing to measure the treatment to apportion to them. Some time ago, I went to a shop to get bottled water on my way to a friend’s house. In the shop, I met a female attendant who was putting some things away when I got there. I greeted her and told her I wanted a bottle of water.

She looked at me and continued with what she was doing. I stood for a while and told her what I wanted to buy again and with a moody face, she walked to the fridge to get the water like she was going to serve a guest in her house.
I was wondering if I had done anything wrong because the attitude she portrayed was like I was bothering her. I felt hurt and left after she had given me the water.

Scenario 2

A month later, I found myself in the same shop to get a box of cereal. Well, I met the same lady and of course I recognized her, but to her, I was just any other customer.

I told her what I wanted to buy, and she gave a response I did not hear clearly.
So I said, “Madam, please I didn’t hear what you said”.

She started shouting at me and asked me to move from her way while she walked passed me. She said they don’t have the type of cereal I wanted to buy. I requested for the one available so I could buy it and she said they do not have any at all, still very moody.

From the two scenarios, the lady portrayed an attitude of anger, frustration, and no regard for her customers.
She was quite rude, and I was contemplating what the problem was.

It is a bad habit to throw your frustrations on customers. They are there to patronize your products or services. How you treat your customer is important and it should not matter how many products they are buying at the time. Those who buy at small scales may come back with better offers or recommendations.

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Abigail Bodo| Dstar Marketing Agency

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