Why YouTube is an asset to your business

Since its debut in 2005, YouTube has grown into a major player in the media industry.

More than 2 billion people use YouTube today, and 30 million people visit the site every day. Every minute, up to 500 hours of video are added to the website, and there are more than 2,400 channels with more than 1 million subscribers.

According to Alexa, the platform, which Google acquired in 2016, is currently ranked No. 2 for both domestic and international online traffic.

Marketing is moving toward video over static content, and YouTube is a key player and an asset to your business.
These guides break down how the use of YouTube can be a breakthrough for your business.

1. You reach a wide audience

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users compared to Facebook’s 2.7 billion and Instagram’s 1 billion+ monthly active users.

Although Facebook and Instagram are sometimes considered the two biggest social media sites, YouTube actually has a much larger following than Instagram.

This means that you can reach billions of people who could become clients for your company by using YouTube. You’ll have more leads to turn into sales the more people you successfully reach out to.

2. The world’s second-largest search engine is YouTube.

This implies that people who could become your clients are looking for solutions to their problems on YouTube. Utilizing YouTube will help potential consumers locate you, familiarize themselves with your company, and ultimately decide to hire you to handle their issues.

3. It’s great for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) for YouTube should be seen in a similar light as SEO for Google.

When someone searches for videos, you will appear higher on the results page if you optimize your channel for SEO. You will see improved outcomes, more views, leads, and sales.

There are various methods for channel SEO optimization. You should utilize target keywords, optimize the title and video descriptions, rename your video file using keywords, and fill out your account details, just like with other social media optimization.

4. it’s a great way to build and promote your brand

Another great technique to develop your brand in an authentic, real way is through YouTube videos. Similar to this, a single YouTube video may be utilized and repurposed in a variety of ways, making it an excellent tool for business promotion. You could, for instance, use clips from a 7- minute YouTube video for Instagram and Facebook posts and stories.

5. You can increase customer engagement

Furthermore, the use of videos can be more personalized than photos or subtitles because of this while some of your YouTube videos could take a lot of time and resources to create, you get to interact with and impact your audience directly. You can encourage viewers to comment on your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Customer involvement is crucial, especially if your company operates in a competitive market. Therefore, be sure to make the most of the incredible opportunity YouTube provides you to engage with your audience.

6. You can showcase your expertise

Last but not least, YouTube is a fantastic platform for showcasing your knowledge and solidifying your position as a subject matter expert. YouTube videos are great since you can make them into anything you want, whether it’s beauty tips, podcasts, book reviews, etc.

YouTube gives you the chance to create long videos that allow you to demonstrate your industry knowledge. You will gradually establish yourself as a go-to expert, and others will visit your channel to learn more.

Finally, YouTube offers you lots of chances to establish your brand, engage your audience, produce leads, and increase your sales. But don’t waste your time creating content for YouTube it is not the right channel for your target audience.

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