How to speak confidently in front of the camera

How to speak confidently in front of the camera

Getting comfortable and confident in front of the camera can be quite challenging even for those trained for the job. My experience on camera as a journalist was challenging at the beginning as well.

The thought of whether I look presentable or whether I sound on point sometimes makes me lose focus.

The fear that comes with being in front of the camera is normal and one can get over it with constant practice.
So here are a few points to help you.

1. Dress well

You know that feeling when you are well dressed, you feel so good under your skin. You can freely stand close to people because you know you are looking good.

Yes, Looking good is key because it makes you feel good and boost your confidence.

Dress comfortably, but appropriately for whatever show or program you are hosting. If it’s a lifestyle video, then you should appear lively and comfortable.

2. Know your topic

The most important thing you can do to speak confidently is to know and understand what the show or discussion is about. It is important to always prepare ahead of time. As you gain experience, you may be better at winging it, but there is simply no substitute for being prepared.

3. Have a script

A good script gives you a chance to ensure you actually get to say everything you want to say. This helps you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
You can put together a few points about important information you may need.

4. Practice

Take your script or bulleted list and run through it a few times. Make sure you are familiar with your lines to avoid stumbling over your words.

Take some time to think about pauses and inflection, so you don’t sound like a robot. And don’t be afraid to use cue cards or a teleprompter if one is available.

Also if working in front of the camera is something you really want, then you should practice more.

Read in front of your mirror at home. You can try this three times a week. You can as well try to read in front of your family or a group of people. The more you get comfortable presenting in front of your family, the more you build up your confidence in front of the camera.

5 Posture/ Body language

The first key to looking good on camera is to remember to stand up (or sit up) straight. Keep your shoulders rolled back and your chin up. You will look more confident and, ultimately, feel more confident when you seat well.
How you present yourself physically tells people a lot about what you feel inside.
Face the camera and let your arms hang naturally at your side.

Even though you want to have a good posture, don’t overthink it. You might end up focusing all your attention on how you look.

6. Know where to look

Many of us find it difficult to look directly into the camera, but that’s really your best bet.
At the very least, you should be looking about two inches above it. To your audience, it will look like you’re looking directly at the camera.

7. Have Fun

It is important to also enjoy what you are doing to be able to deliver well. Focus your energy on what you are doing currently and stop thinking about how it will turn out. Enjoy every bit of it and it will come out great.

Just like anything else, appearing confident on camera takes practice.
The more you do it, the better you will get.

But these tips can help you improve your confidence and ensure that whether it’s your first time on camera or not, you will remain confident to deliver like a professional.

Abigail Bodo| Dstar Marketing Agency


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