How to Start Networking with the Right People

How to Start Networking with the Right People

Networking usually involves meeting new people, who share a profession, industry, or interests. It also involves exchanging ideas and information between these individuals.  Your network can consist of anyone, from close friends and relatives to coworkers at the office, church members, alumni groups, etc.

It shouldn’t seem like you are exploiting these networks for your self-benefit. Instead, focus on developing meaningful connections with others who share your interests so that you can both flourish.

So here are a few tips to help attract and network with the right people

1. Meet new people

It can be tempting to spend too much time talking to people you already know when attending a networking events.

But keep in mind to talk to people you’ve never met before. Learn to start a conversation with people you come across. You never know, the person sitting next to you might end up being your next client or customer.

2.  Share Contact details

This seems an obvious suggestion for most of your networking opportunities.

Yes, when you meet new people, be sure to exchange cards or contact details. But make sure to reach out to them immediately after the event so they can remember you and save your details as well.

3 . Use social media to find new connections

To connect with potential contacts, use social media. If you’re hesitant to attend gatherings and engage in a face-to-face communication, this is can be a starting point.

Make connections with business people who share your values, goals, and interests. Send them a message outlining briefly who you are and why you would like to connect.

By leaving comments on their posts or maintaining a light exchange of messages on social media, you can keep the conversation going. This will help you to feel more comfortable when meeting them in person after developing a professional online relationship with them.

4. Attend industry events

Many of the organizations you join may often host industry events. Attend these gatherings to meet some of your online connections in person. Some of these may be educational events or classes to help learn a new skill or develop your abilities. At these gatherings, make an effort to frequently connect with new people.

Additionally, you can look up local industry events online, such as conferences, conventions, or seminars.

5. Be ready to help others

Finally, Networking is a constant process of sharing. Help others connect with people in your network by offering to do so. Give them your time and knowledge. It increases the power of your network and fosters reciprocity.

An effective networking comes with a strong commercial contacts, new ideas, a higher profile, access to job prospects, increased knowledge, career advice and assistance, building self-confidence and long-lasting personal relationships.

Abigail Bodo| Dstar Marketing Agency

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