Stop looking down on Customers

Stop Looking Down On Customers

Stop looking down on customers by using the number of products a customer or client is purchasing to measure the treatment to apportion to them. Some time ago, I went to a shop to get bottled water on my way to a friend’s house. In the shop, I met a female attendant who was putting…

Treat Your Customers

How To Treat Your Customers

It is always an awkward scenario watching an attendant exchange words with a customer over something petty. You should bear in mind that you have a lot of competitors. If they are not satisfied with how you treat them, they will go away. How you treat your customer is important because you don’t know what’s…

How to improve your business

How To Improve Your Business In 2021

How To Improve Your Business In 2021 Relax; you don’t need to buy new materials or equipment to improve your business. All you need to do is declutter and re-arrange things properly in a different and more creative way. You can as well draft the change you want to make before you start moving things…